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Please note: We will continue to accept and courier orders throughout the lockdown. Free shipping on all orders over R500.
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Cordyceps Liquid Extract
Cordyceps Liquid Extract
Harmonic Mycology

Cordyceps Liquid Extract

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Cordyceps liquid dual-extract (30% alcohol).


  • Cordyceps (Ophiocordyceps militaris) dual-extract
  • Non-chlorinated water
  • Alcohol (organic gin produced in Cape Town)

* Grown in Cape Town by Harmonic Mycology.


50 ml.


This liquid extract is created by first soaking locally-grown cordyceps mushrooms and myceliated brown rice in 43% alcohol for a minimum of four weeks. The cordyceps pieces are then removed from the alcohol and gently simmered in non-chlorinated water for 2-4 hours. Finally, the tincture and hot-water extractions are filtered and combined to create a potent elixir of bioavailable compounds with a total alcohol content of 30%.


A single 50 ml bottle of dual-extract should last approximately 50 days, with a daily dosage of 20 drops. For those who may have alcohol sensitivities, we recommend dropping your dosage into warm water to evaporate the alcohol before drinking.

About Cordyceps

Cordyceps is known as the most expensive fungus on the market today. That is, the wild harvested cousin of C. militaris,  Ophiocordyceps sinensis, found in the Himalayan mountain foothills  and fetches over $20 000 per kilogram.

Luckily for us, commercial strains of Cordyceps militaris has been bread and developed and can now be cultivated commercially on a variety of grains under certain conditions that doesn't only allow for it to be available at a lower price, but also be produced with higher levels of Cordycepin and adenosine. These two compounds are part of what makes Cordyceps so special, especially for athletes and people looking to overcome low libido, low energy and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Scientific studies have shown Cordyceps to be very effective at improving endurance and energy levels by increasing ATP synthesis and oxygen utilization, helping athletes perform better at explosive strength and endurance based sports.

Cordyceps is also used as an aphrodisiac for both men and woman and have been shown to increase libido and fertility.

Other benefits include immuno-modulating effects, anti-inflammatory, improves circulation, cardio vascular health and cognitive performance.

When to take Cordyceps?
The short answer and personal preference is all-day every day and as often as possible! Before exercise, training and any physical activity is a great time to consume Cordyceps, since it will benefit sustained energy production, improved oxygen utilization and ATP synthesis. That being said, we can all benefit from sustained, adaptogenic energy in our everyday life. Imagine all we can do with seemingly limitless energy and faster recovery between sets, sessions and (life)cycles?

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